Cost and Benefits of Liposuction in Korea: A Personal Story

Embark on a transformative journey with 365mc's LAMS, a groundbreaking liposuction technique. Experience personalized care in a multilingual environment and regain your confidence!

I started a transformative journey four months ago at 365mc, a leading obesity treatment clinic in Korea. The result? A stunning 14kg weight loss! Renowned for its state-of-the-art techniques, 365mc is setting a new standard for obesity treatment in collaboration with prestigious universities and even Microsoft.

Best Korean Plastic Surgery Hospital/ Clinic In Korea | Liposuction Surgery | Obesity Treatment
Looking for a best Korean Plastic Surgery Hospital/ Clinic In Korea, then contact 365mc. We offer non-surgical and surgical liposuction surgery, obesity treatment, diet & medication therapy at the best price. For weight loss and fat reduction treatment, Call +82 7045 156-711.

LAMS: Redefining Liposuction

At 365mc, they offer Local Anesthetic Minimal-Invasive Liposuction (LAMS), a game-changing procedure developed from over 16 years of experience in obesity treatment. The great news about LAMS? It requires only local anesthesia, leading to a faster recovery process. Say goodbye to lengthy recovery periods; with post-care included, you'll be ready to head home in about 40 minutes!

Language Barriers? Not Here!

For my non-Korean readers out there, no need to worry. 365mc has international coordinators fluent in English, Russian, and Chinese. My personal experience? I had incredible English and Russian-speaking assistants who guided me throughout the process.

From Consultation to Results: The Journey

The road from initial consultation to the final result is surprisingly swift. The actual procedure duration will depend on your targeted area, and healing time varies from person to person. Expect about three post-treatment follow-ups over the next few weeks and about 2-3 weeks for any bruising to fade.

The Investment in You

Liposuction costs at 365mc can vary based on the area targeted, but expect a ballpark figure of up to 9M KRW (around 6.7K USD) for the abdomen area. For a detailed quote, reach out to @365mceng or @365mc_cyn.

Is There Pain?

Honestly, there can be discomfort during the procedure, but I didn't find it unbearably painful. Post-treatment bruising is quite common, but my actual post-procedure pain was virtually nonexistent.

Check videos of the procedure in the carousel below.

Health and Weight Loss: A Balance

While rapid weight loss is generally not advised, LAMS isn't about shedding kilograms overnight. LAMS was a catalyst in my weight loss journey of 12kg over four months. Coupled with diet, supplements, and exercise, LAMS could be the boost you need.

LAMS: A Mind Shifter, Not a Miracle

LAMS isn't a miracle procedure. It served as a catalyst for my physical and mental transformation, promoting a healthier lifestyle. The procedure will help you lose weight, but maintaining your new figure requires a commitment to positive lifestyle changes.

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