Blog Introduction and What to Expect Here

Join me on a journey through my life in Korea, an incredible expedition of personal growth, cultural exploration, and expat wisdom.

A cozy corner for friends

Hello there, friends! Welcome to my cozy internet corner, where I share my adventures and expat tips about living in Korea. You might wonder, why Korea? Well, I arrived here in December 2021 intending to learn Korean and fell in love with this wonderful country's culture, people, food, landscapes, and warm, inviting atmosphere in a matter of a few weeks.

Just a regular expat: real experiences and recommendations

Don't expect any journalistic endeavors or Pulitzer-worthy writing here. I'm just an ordinary someone sharing my knowledge and lessons from my life in South Korea. Occasionally, you'll find outgoing links to products, events, travel agencies, tours, and places that I've personally experienced and highly recommend.

Journey beyond geographical coordinates: personal transformation

A little bit about myself: I work remotely for a European IT company, a role I've held since 2016, and currently, I occupy a leadership position there. And since I've never worked in a Korean company, I bring a perspective from the lens of a foreigner navigating the complex Korean lifestyle with a remote job in a different timezone.

Turning passions into reality: Student in Korea

My journey in Korea was not just a change of geographical coordinates but also a personal transformation. This journey sparked an initiative I called, providing information about educational opportunities in Korea. It's grown into a flourishing Instagram community and a website with daily updates. Now registered as a company (Yay!), I envision it as a future foundation offering scholarships to international students in Korea. Talk about big dreams!

Student in Korea
Dive into learning in Korea! Explore study abroad options, secure overseas graduate scholarships, and make your global education dream come true.

Sasha in Korea: personal growth and experiences

Then there's my page, a chronicle of my growth, experiences, and adjustment to life as an expat in Korea. It's more than just about Korea - it's a tale of my personal journey, albeit with a heavy Korean flavor.

Adding paws to my journey: life with Bom

The latest addition to my Korean journey is Bom, a charming Bichon Frise puppy I adopted from a shelter in Seoul. Whether camping in the remote Korean wilderness or strolling around the block, Bom's playful energy is a constant source of joy and companionship.

Expectations from this blog: all things Korea

So, what can you expect from this blog? It's a potpourri of solo travel advice, pet travel tips in Korea, café recommendations, pop-ups to visit, skincare products I swear by, and nuggets of wisdom for anyone planning to move to Korea.

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